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[sticky post] How unexpected!

This is not Kiramune-related, yet this is more of community-related.

One year had passed since the creation of this community. I created this community as something of a means to connect people who share the same love and interest, and for one year I had tried to provide all the information to bridge us with the artists we love through a barrier, called language barrier.

As where I stand now, I definitely cannot keep up with all the news that Kiramune upped. With my school work and life, I got really sandwiched between that and updating this community -- and the reason why this journal has a really long time period between one post and another.

With this post, I want to welcome anyone who want to help me to keep the journal updated. Please message me in my personal (kuzuriha) or leave a comment in this post so I can get back to you.

And from this now on, please take care of me too!

April Digest, 4/10

Kakki's fifth single is titled Tokonatsu Wave (トコナツウェーブ)! The TVCM, artist banner and the jacket covers are already available at the official website.

Kiramune will hold their fanmeeting in Kyoto! The fanmeeting will be held on July 8th in Kyoto Kaikan ROHM Theater. Attending are Kamiya, NamiD, Eguchi, Ryohei and Yocchin! The raffle for ticket is available for application from 8th to 23rd April.

The second raffle for NamiD and Nobu's live tour this year is already online! Nobu will hold his live tours in Fukuoka, Aichi, Osaka and Kanagawa! The schedule is as the following:

Fukuoka: 11st June, Fukuoka Sunpalace
Aichi: 24th June, Nippon Toku Shuutougyou Shiminkaikan Hall
Osaka: 29th July, Orix Theater
Kanagawa: 13th August, Pacifico Yokohama

The second raffle for Nobu's live tour will be available for application until 17th April.

NamiD will hold his live tours in Tokyo, Aichi, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, and Osaka! Two shows are scheduled to be held in Tokyo (Chiyoda and Chiba, respectively) and the schedule is as the following:

Tokyo (Chiyoda): 10th June, Hibiya Outdoor Theater
Aichi: 1st July, Diamond Hall
Chiba: 15th July, Maihama Amphitheater
Fukuoka: 22nd July, DRUM LOGOS
Hokkaido: 6th August, Penny Lane 24
Osaka: 12nd August, Nanba HATCH

March Digest, 3/23

First of all, happy new year! We apologize for our very sporadic updates!

Kirafes 2017 has ended safely! And Kirafes has brought us several great news!
The songs included in Kirafes 2017 setlist is now available for download on animelo mix.

Trignal will release the live DVD of their live, SECRET GARAGE! The DVD is bundled at 6000yen and is set for release on April 19th!

Kakki will release his 5th single! Title and release date will come at a later date. The second raffle for his live in Tokyo, DRUNKER is already available for application! The raffle for his live in Nagoya will be held from April 1st to April 2nd.

Yocchin will release the live DVD of his live, DRAMATIC SURF COASTER! The DVD is bundled at 6100yen and will be released on June 21st. His third single, Bye-Bye☆Ceremony will be released on March 29th.

Kamiya will release the DVD of his live, THEATER. The DVD will be released on July 19th and is bundled on 6200yen.

November Digest, 11/12

We're sorry for the sporadic updates!

Due to an incident where Nobu's song, Boku no Catastrophy got mixed with Suzu's new song, Nobu's Happiece album will be recalled and the album, along with the new song will be re-released on 21st January.

The BD/DVD of Kirafes 2016 will be released on February 2nd 2017! Animate has opened the preorder for the DVD.

Kirafes 2017 will be held in Yokohama Arena on March 4th, 5th 2017! Participating members are Kiramune All-Stars except Miyu and CONNECT who are still in their hiatus.

NamiD will release his 4th single titled My Treasure on 25th January!

September Digest, 9/21

Here we are with some big news!

First big news came from Kakki! During his radio, Unison yesterday (9/20) Kakki announced:

He will release both of his 5th mini album AND the DVD of his anniversary live "my live my time" on 21st December! The mini album is bundled at 3100yen for the limited edition and 2000yen for the regular edition. His 5th anniversary live DVD will be bundled at 6000yen and includes a tokuten movie (which is most likely behind the scenes), all of his music clips (except Susumasero!) and the live (2/7) at Maihama Amphitheater.

Kakki has also announced his live tour next year! The line-up and the venue are as the following:

Osaka: 1/21-22
Venue: Nanba Hatch

Nagoya: 4/1-2
Venue: Diamond Hall

Tokyo: 5/20-21
Venue: Makuhari Messe, Chiba

The ticket is bundled at 7344yen for both Osaka and Nagoya shows while the Tokyo show is bundled at 8100 yen.

Second big news came from Nobu! His first full album, called Happiece will be released on 26th October and both the cover and TVCM are already up in the official web. The leading song for his latest single "Kimi no Egao Boku no Egao" makes its comeback and Nobu also penned 4 new songs in his album including the leading song, Happy memories. The limited edition is bundled at 3800yen and the regular edition is bundled at 2800yen.

Third big news came from the reading live! The title of the boys' show will be Pumpkin Farm no Uchuujin. Kiramune will do a live viewing viewable across Japan in select theaters and the ticket is bundled at 3600yen.

Fourth big news came from Uncle Bomb who has decided on the title for their 2nd mini album, titled Two-sides. The limited edition is sold at 3100yen and the regular is at 2000yen.

August Digest, 8/21

We're sorry for the sporadic updates! We get some big news to share!

Trignal's live SECRET GARAGE has ended safely! They have also announced their Kirakira Beat R Festa in Tokyo Winter 2016! The venue is Shinagawa Stellar Hall and it is set to be held on 10th December. The ticket is sold from 15th August to 7th September.

Miyu's 2nd full album is titled DARE TO DREAM! It's set to be released on 30th November! The album is bundled at 3000yen for the regular edition and 4200yen for the limited edition. Uncle Bomb's 2nd mini album will be released on 9th November, with the regular edition bundled at 2000yen and the limited edition is bundled at 3100yen. Uncle Bomb will also hold their second event, titled 2Channel on 19th-20th November in Maihama Amphiteather. The ticket is bundled at 8100yen tax included and the ticket raffle will open from 25th August to 5th September.

Kiramune will hold another fanmeeting at Kanazawa this year! Attending would be Miyu, Kamiya, Eguchi, Wing and Yocchin. The fanmeeting will be held on 12th November in Honda no Mori Hall. The ticket is bundled at 5184yen tax included.

July Digest, 7/10

Kiramune has announced this year's reading live! The live will be held on 29-30th October in Maihama Amphitheater. Both days would have noon and evening performances. Attending from Kiramune roster would be all members minus Miyu and CONNECT! Guest performances would be from Nojima Kenji, Yasumoto Hiroki, Souichiro Hoshi and Midorikawa Hikaru!

Yocchin's live tour at Tokyo and Fukuoka has ended safely! His next tour would be at Nagoya!

Kamiya's second live is titled Live Theater! It will be held on September 3-4th in Makuhari Messe and the ticket is bundled at 8100yen. The ticket raffle is now available to apply until 7/12!

June Digest, 6/19

Both me and Emi have come back from Kirafes safely...! And some announcements:

Miyu will release another full album this coming winter! No news as of right now but two songs of the album have been revealed, namely Nagareboshi no Kimi e (流れ星の君へ) and Melody!

The boys' Bokura no Egaku Mirai ranked #2 in the Oricon Daily Chart (6/5), short of 4,000ish something of copy to rival AKB48's Tsubasa wa Iranai single and ranked #6 in Music Station with several big names such as AAA and Arashi.

Kakki's Susumasero reached 7th place in Oricon Daily Chart as of 6/15 and placed 6th in Oricon Weekly Chart as of today (6/18)! Congrats, Kakki!

NamiD's Live DVD for his Anniversary Live 1915+ON will be released on July 20th! The website has been updated with the jacket and TVCM! The tokuten disc will include digest for his 3rd live tour "Hurricane", trailer and all the MVs from 2009-2014.

Nobu's new single, Kimi no Egao, Boku no Egao is set for release on July 6th! The TVCM is up on the official website!

Kamiya will hold his second live this year at Makuhari Messe on September 3rd-4th!

Trignal's live tour 2016 is titled SECRET GARAGE and the ticket is bundled at 8100 yen! The venues and the dates are as listed:

Osaka: July 17th-18th, Olix Hall, Sogo Osaka
Fukuoka: July 23rd, Harmonie Cinq, Kitakyushu
Yokohama: August 13rd-14th, Pacifico Yokohama

May Digest, 5/16

The TVCM for Kamiya's live dvd is up! It is set for sale on June 1st.

Trignal will hold their live tour this year starting from June! This is the list of the venue and the dates:

Osaka: Orix Hall, 18-19th July
Fukuoka: Harmonie Cinq Kitakyushu Soleil Hall (or Soleil Hall for short), 23rd July
Yokohama: Pacifico Yokohama, 13-14 August

The ticket for the live is bundled at 8100 yen. The ticket is open for application from 14th May until 24th May.

May Digest, 5/13

Kiramune site updated with great news today!

The preview for the boys' single, Bokura no Egaku Mirai is up on the official site! It is accessible here. The single will be up on sale at the two-days of Kirafes, 4th and 5th June and is limited to sale at the venue only bundled at 1200 yen.

Kiramune once again collaborated with Anime Plaza to open up Kiramune Cafe! The cafe will operate from June 2nd until August 2nd.

The goods for Kirafes has been updated! The update includes a 108-page pamphlet and the two sets of bromides for 4th and 5th June. As usual, they're accessible at the site for Kirafes 2016. The site is also updated with commentary from NamiD, Kamiya, and Miyu!

Akiba Ayumino Nail Salon has unveiled the design of their nails for this year's Kirafes! The designs are available here. The sets are bundled at 10952 yen, tax not included.


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